Upcoming Events 2013

January 2013

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The Charism School - Paris, France
Chemin Neuf Community

18th-20th January

Barnabas Session(in Polish)
Highfield House,Chertsey

25th-27th January

February 2013

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Called to Glory V Highfield House, Chertsey
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16th-17th February

Miracle Healing Service - Acton, London
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27th February

March 2013

Miracle Healing Service Birmingham, England
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9th March

The Charism School - Ann Arbor Michigan, USA
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14th-17th March
Bible Course: Highfield House, Chertsey
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23rd-24th March

April 2013  

Team serving at Celebrate - UK

29th Mar - 6th Apr

The Charism School - Cluj Napoca, Romania
Languages: English, Romanian, Hungarian

18th-21st April

Spring Conference for the North - Wigton, Cumbria
A New Springtime in the Church.
Speaker: Aneel Aranha
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19th-21st April
Philip Course(in Polish): Highfield House, Chertsey 19th-21th April

May 2013

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Catholic Miracle Rally:Euston, London
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4th-5th May

June 2013

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The Charism School and Miracle Healing Service Birmingham, England
The Charism School leaflet...
Miracle Healing Service poster...

26th-28th June
Summer Conference 2013 : Faith Alive!- Wigton, Cumbria
28th-30th June
Andrew Session(in Polish): Highfield House, Chertsey 28th-30th June

July 2013

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Called to Glory VI:Highfield House, Chertsey
13 th July (Saturday), 6:30 pm, Open Healing Service (run by Niklas Carlsson), Salesian Hall next to the Highfield House

13th-14th July

Miracle Healing Service, London

26th July, 6:00 pm

August 2013

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John Course(in Polish): Highfield House , Chertsey

24th - 26th August

September 2013

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The Charism School - South Korea

11th-13th Sep.

National Convention - South Korea

14th-15rd Sep.
Autumn Conference: Jesus’ life of Compassion Highfield House , Chertsey

28th-29th Sep.

October 2013

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National Charismatic Day - Romania
Languages: English, Hungarian, Romanian

12th October

Philip Course(in Polish): Highfield House, Chertsey

18th-20st October

Autumn Conference for the North: Called to Glory 1
at St Cuthbert's, Wigton
Speaker: Niklas Carlsson.

18th - 20th October

November 2013

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The Charism School - North Carolina, USA
More info here...

15th-17th November

Bible Course :Highfield House, Chertsey

16th-17th November



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Cor et lumen Christi Community

Highfield House,
St. John's Way, Chertsey, Surrey KT16 8BZ, UK

tel: 01932 565747
fax: 01932 567945
email: corlumenchristi@hotmail.com or corlumenchristi@gmail.com

St Cuthbert's,
The Old Convent
St Cuthbert's
Burnfoot, Wigton, Cumbria CA7 9HU

tel: 016973 45623; Mob: 07752 290485 E: stcuthberts@coretlumenchristi.org

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